on choosing the lesser link.

lesser link = less typing = more time = less arthritis and more ebay bid wins.

https://www.lessr.link = https://lessr.link http://www.lessr.link http://lessr.link lessr.link

you can type them all, it should work.

whatever is easiest to remember for you. thats part of the design.


ever get tired of debugging software and go into the database to see what it's actually committing instead for a path? haha.. its so close to working ( not mytribes) something else. i've been working on a link shortener for the realized network, and mytribes.

www.lessr.link but its not 100% yet, but it all works, its just storing something wrong because of me, and the links wont load yet, but i have had this software working before, this is just a new installation, and i am changing the base set of features this time, you will be able to use lessr.link and generate your own short links. :)

this is a soft announce omar style, later i will eat things and make some pretty graphic for (Lesser Link) , aka www.Lessr.Link a link shortener, designed to give you a link of lesser length, but brings you to the same place.

who says less not more? sometimes, less is more, less is best! let your fingers do the voting, and perhaps you'll find much use in creating the lessr (lesser) link.