Good Morning.

So, Um, Check this out.

and then this out:[0]=AZVjCPod5n-QG92zFykaTE1eUyt_02N2oIZVmn6mlNhdDM5YAWxcBO0hIN2XIGscSls2XNBQFNtWUKKXrHzE3dlzwoBZKyF2pun-Yc8K4xHmll3PHptGskDzbE62EtmDvJo&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R

and then this out: (which goes to

and here's your pretty image that took me all morning.

in wake of needing somewhere to go and all. I am the sole engineer in charge over at, and I will be needing to appoint some moderators. Send email to :) I' Omar, or if you're a coffee nut- I roast my own , you can call me doctorbeans if you like.