Looking for in between stupid simple without features, and drafts pro which is a burgeoning powerful monster but too much faking work to use on the regular for anything other than an archival of “things that have been done and the crazy powerful scripting and automation.”

Here’s a sample .md created with “ace mark” :

Ta da , hehe! lol

This is ace mark

It seems a reasonably competent editor. It’s not great. But it could be. > Still it’s more intuitive than most.

Swipe down or up from the markdown row to dismiss would be Much-better than a gesture.

Here is a h3 heading

![Image alt](https://www.trueform.org/Favicon.

But it died because there is no setting to not launch safari while editing a link on shortish press.

We are done here. Good luck hehe!

Oh but it can be used to build themed templates PDFs or as a local website creator- so there is THAT strength in largess.

The themes are pretty as well but limited. I like the green one and the blue one. The solar used misses the contrasty mark.