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well books change minds change. this is an not finished idea delineation.

— entre vou —

to me all of coreys books skate loosely between personal thoughts veiled as fiction and are not hard to see through, so its a great format for assuaging something more complex into the public view, imho. but the format is old and needs to be revamped with modern psychological understandings from the early 20th century onward, as a didactic to be effective-

iirc it need also speak directly to the story between the lines in parallel and lay it out simply as say an ongoing character monologue, as a device.

which brings it more into novel territory but fuck it- people need to understand some basic operating parameters of the modern world that instinct could not prepare them for if we are to ever get away from 'useless eater' syndrome, aka human waste of life conditionality.

—credo ego cogito sum, fin temporalis. for now.

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on the armour of the male psyche-
a technique for beginning to build cross-domain bi-lateral-hemispheric-connectivity-to-the-emotional-centres-of-the-brain-elsewhere-and-through-the-wounded-sub-conscious—-which—isnt—wounded—its-just—running—the—movies-radio-tv-program—instead—of—authentic—human—common—shared—day-to-day-values-responsibility-discipline-word-as-honor-etc—

^ abstract/hasty/v1.0rough going on

note- to all the men reading this thinking “Yeah right! Ha Ha!” you haven't had this experience yet, —– she is correct. —– Women need to feel safe, just like you need to feel attended to by her, she needs to be safe and provided for in part by you, but fully attended to emotionally when she needs it, weather you're “ready or not” because that is life.

sometimes it is very uncomfortable, and you have to force yourself to do new things you already deep down know you should be doing but push! a little further! past the unknown (and you cant see or define this part and thats why its scary for a moment)

but you push a littttle farther then everything you went in with, yourself, the other person, the stuff is all the same, but now you have the emotional connection- your body has grown, your mind has grown- you just got an upgrade! super mario collected a coin! a power up!

now you can do the thing without fear, and have it be done. then you get that accomplishment, and bring it along with you snowballing into a quiet strength you can use to show up and be attentive emotionally- the next time, more readily- and immediately if that previous challenge should re appear in the future. eventually you will model your life so differently as you grow and evolve, that old problems will remain that way,

and new problems are appearing but no longer are they problems, they are just now details, and you can even use them to grow directly from, by encorporating a non destructive functional element of that lesson, into how your mind percieves sets of variables, life situations, or the actions of other people, or their “strange” decisions.”

dont worry about remembering anything, either- ever. your brain does that by itself. if the pasta noodle is meant to catch it will stick to the wall, and all the files get pulled up automatically as you do a thing. thats how the brain works.

we are so very far away from most of this, as a society, a culture, and a global populace- but we can get back to living a more functional and aware, heart activated way of life.

so if un-armoured is what you're after

consider just doing things slowly, but without thinking about them. and then at the end of each day, make a list of the main tasks you did or achievements, and then take a break, put the list away, and the following day, after completing that evenings list, only then review the list from the previous day.

but with each line item do only one thing. Feel for your emotions around that item, when you see the item on your list. then close for the night.

if you need to cry, let it out,, after a few weeks of doing this it will surprise you.

its a male oriented model to beginning to uncover feelings. #psychology

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the blog as a buffer zone is a very real application in the modern age of communication and expanding functional cross domain dialogue.

see also: https://www.i4679.xyz/so-heres-a-little-nugget-about-marketing-psychology

minus this crap facebook adds to track every link you plug into it, or follow that was in it, at some point and hasn't had this code stripped off of it..


yeah. okay the enchiladas are almost done now. i have another 12:27 in the oven at 375. At first, the rosemary was shocking, but now i am noticing the effects of the alchemical dish I made, and will eat slowly over the next few days, because I feel super duper relaxed, high as hell (in the sense that my body is activated lots of interesting thing it normally wouldnt be doing because of the spices that have been heating up ..

and mixing together in the oven, (you neu hippies call it #synergy), you old hippies call it #alchemy, and regular people call it #cooking.

Then as these spices..adsorb and diffuse and agglomerate and are carried around and effuse into the air more and more...

i end up smelling it and having the effect without having eaten it. not as strong, not as involved, not as dynamic, but it's so powerful what i made it's already doing something.

thats how intentional mechanics, or what i call aether-dynamics, or harmony dynamics (as borrowed from robert boyd), when used correctly, in a disciplined, focused manner works.

all that is in there are regular spices from the grocery store. but the sense of calm here is as if the earth was standing still.

  • smile *

ok im out ! hungry and stuff to do before then. you are loved, you are complex, you are simple, and you are freaking interesting- if nobody has told you that today.

go now, and do the thing. but stop, laugh and get some rest too.

.:. its all about realizing balance. .:.

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#marketing #psychology #marketing-psychology

#senses #embedding-trust-and-how-we-associate-it-in-a-simple-example-regarding-friendship-network-words-and-food.

and yes- this in full transparency – this post is a bit of psychological marketing strategy. I am friends with Elisha, and working on her websites, so she can help people with the incredible body of knowledge she holds and has studied, trained, and LIVED.  

SO I tagged #ayuredicalchemy as one of the tags, but did not include her website ending on that, because in the future, when she's ready to launch that for you guys, she will be the one to tell you ALLLLLLLL about what it is that she's doing. and truthfully I don't even know. but i want to build a subtle, sub-conscious register of the phrase “ayurvedic alchemy.”

so i've included it here. because eventually, you'll see it again, when she launches her thing to help people, whatever it's about, and you'll already almost maybe either trust it, or know what it is- the trust thing is not a manipulation- it's also a register. its called the familiarity register, and in human mind mapping if something is at least familiar, it is less of a threat. if the thing is known to have a function say a can opener, it even has a known purpose, and when you have a known utility you will find the can opener. same for whatever elisha is offering on this website- when it comes into the world. whatever she is offering, if it fits what you need at that moment, you will now trust that her website- through its association with my history with you, + plus having had me associate this memory with a most curious food item

and the primal emotion of nourishment and sustinence, this is how marketing is developed, and works.

im telling you all this because all the big companies do this stuff to you too, but their intentions may not always be good. but this is your “oh shit that is weird” lesson for today. in the amount of complexity that i can assure you is going to be the most interesting, and the least confusing.

beause as usual, there are tons of details and other things im leaving out, because i dont want your head to hurt, and i want you to get something useful from having read this.  


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now, every day at mytribes is earth day.


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lesser link = less typing = more time = less arthritis and more ebay bid wins.

https://www.lessr.link = https://lessr.link http://www.lessr.link http://lessr.link lessr.link

you can type them all, it should work.

whatever is easiest to remember for you. thats part of the design.


ever get tired of debugging software and go into the database to see what it's actually committing instead for a path? haha.. its so close to working ( not mytribes) something else. i've been working on a link shortener for the realized network, and mytribes.

www.lessr.link but its not 100% yet, but it all works, its just storing something wrong because of me, and the links wont load yet, but i have had this software working before, this is just a new installation, and i am changing the base set of features this time, you will be able to use lessr.link and generate your own short links. :)

this is a soft announce omar style, later i will eat things and make some pretty graphic for (Lesser Link) , aka www.Lessr.Link a link shortener, designed to give you a link of lesser length, but brings you to the same place.

who says less not more? sometimes, less is more, less is best! let your fingers do the voting, and perhaps you'll find much use in creating the lessr (lesser) link.

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instead of mucking with the c-panel, editing /etc/apache2/apache.conf and messing with -re-writing a problematic dns block for vhosts directly ?

versus mucking around with the idiot web panel that half of the time, re-writes config files because its designed to be auto-mat.

is this sloppy because it feels like i'm doing the right thing to fix this the fastest. ive got domains that have blogs attached to them, but the dns has not stuck correctly, when using the panel, and i am about to just back up my apache conf and re write all the v hosts that are pissing me off with the correct values and reboot the server....

** good idea bad idea ** ?

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  1. Determine what actually is the problem.
  2. In this case it's the net showing people stuff they would never look at. Honestly the screen capture is enough. That's more than someone bargained for usually even.
  3. Engineers being paid to make youtube probably felt really bad about this? I dont know. Wasn't there. Point is youtube algorithms are nefariously tilted towards analyzing topis, and then taking that topic, and abstracting it towards other videos in the database, but her is point 4- and very important ad why this post is being written.

** The way the youtube algorithm generally works is this: **

You start watching, it assigns a few categories from what you are watching based upon the search term, or the video you start at. Then it suggests similar videos. by the content or subject. You automatically filter ou title matches with your eyes and just dont click them at the top- but at this point it knows the type of content you wanted when you began, and wants you to see more. What's it do then?

You're on say perhaps the third video, not sure why you are still there- trying o leave, but still kind of interested by what is playing, and then you decide okay fine- i will watch another moment or two of this and then do this other thing next.

It knows exactly where you are on the screen, and where the mouse is, and that you minimized that last video trying to get away and that you are going to come back to have to turn it off. They are betting you look for the pause button rather than than just closing the web browser tab or window. That is where they “got you”

The algorithm then starts trending upwards in terms of “sensationalism” blindly seemingly starting to suggest videos to you , that in some way or other raise your adrenaline, or blood pressure.

These are as you go, more and more and more calculated mathematically too be triggering of human brain chemistry.. Primal Instincts.. Then you hit a mental overwhelm or ''satuation point'' You are at tha point either locked in, or you close the window in disgust. But- it was memorable. And you will be back for neuro-transmitter stimulaion later. That is what they are betting on anyway.

Enter humans trying to fix the algorithmic gearing, and teach the enginers ,and board members and shot callers something. We are humanend users after all- and you really should not do things like this, there will be public baklash- and in this case- we are being intelligent as a software community abou it, and nstead of just writingry letters to make ourselves fel better, someone at mozilla who i havent found yet- needs to be pat on the back, for this seriously. this is a grear step. in the direction we need to be going .


my keyboard is being a krumudgeon i will come fix typosafter rebooting

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if you can dream it but cant code it, learn to code it and work on finding someone who can help you learn to code it faster, in the meantime.

...if anyone wants to help me learn how to integrate php and irc and has any weird pointers around unreal 5.x+ (i already have running on uncoiled.org) with anope services, and php 7.3+ on an ubuntu 18 dreamhost server (16gb+12cores+2gb ssd_, racked and dedicated- then let me know,

i have a bunch of projects on my https://www.github.com/doctor-beans

I am looking through for conceptual framework type ideas of what's possible i didnt think of yet- to combine with what ive already thought of or already have done.

Also curious about data base things, like what will play better with software coded in go and php and ajax, mongo, mysql, or maria?

also, i realize this should really be on stack exchange, but putting it on fa—b—k and write.as is hopefully part of spawning visibility into a dialogue....

for people that just use computers to begin to understand perhaps even just a smidgen of the outlying complexity of making the things they use every day,

then perhaps this can be beneficial for everyone in this format,

(although it's admittedly fully non native in terms of efficiency, to use fa—b—k for anything short of not needing to own a tv),

And thus must be adapted to a few links a bullet point or two for me to go chase after, and perhaps a comment several hours later if it did not work with where I'm stuck. ?

re: formatting-best-practice-for-efficient-help-via-fa—b—k-while-turning-whole-thing-into-open-classroom-without-external-QA]

Surely, you can replicate the most basic functionality of an SVN on fa—b—k if you're respectful and don't turn it into a water cooler. yes? play along? thank you humbly. ~Omar

also probably superfluous or inaccurate by may reflect my understanding and thus be helpful so thus included:

re databases and the aforementioned situation i am solving which is the integration of (writefreely 0.12) + php 7.3 + apache2.2x on ubuntu 18 with the latest mysql and mongo running on a dreamhost dedicated box, and um

the domain its going on is vivejournal.com

I don't have mariaDb.


I want to create a series of interactive bot scripts, store the responses in logs, color code the strings with php irc scripting, its a have your own journal website.

but instead of a traditional nav that has to be learned, i want to make an irc bot that runs via php, and guides the person through the website with brief, not ridiculous, multiple choice 1) choice 1 /nl 2) choice 2 /nl 3) choice 3 /nl 4) go back /nl 5) help /nl

then they just navigate the site, and the whole thing is rendered all nice and modern but not super stupid fancy, and the php and irc transactions are in the background of course, just running and storing user data in log files, sorting it as it wants to, backing it up into the database , and all that kind of thing..

then they can be replayed through the site, and as the user navigates the site, the bot comes up intelligently at set intervals by the user, or by the task type, or so on- and guides them without being a pain in the ass.

Or having to type esoteric commands- as described above.

Thank you ! :) If you're serious, you can also email me at modals@f00.tech about getting started actually like working in a terminal session together or something, or you want a login and we can sandbox something and start throwing pasta on the wall in bot space.

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in prefs start page mail..

i have like, 51 email accounts.

it just occurred to me i can write my own custom .xhtml page, that unifies all of them into a thing and pipes it into a custom folder and uh, yeah that will be fascinating.

see what im going to do? the default behavior if you have an email account (1) is you get the chrome page above with “read messages,” “settings for this account,” and some other nice things.

but i have 51 email accounts. so, if i had one start page, that made it so i could access 'read messages' at minimum either per account, as in i create an .xhtml index of all the 'read messages' local urls for each imap mailbox, and then map that into the .xhtml default page, which is set to default display on all mailbox start pages- then i can basically turn the start page into a mini web server, but just for navigating to each inbox. but from any page. why is this of any use?

time. spent managing user interface. this is a user interface hack that changes the behavior one would use to access multiple accounts.

the result? instead of clicking each arrow to expand or collapse, or spending a lot of time on the arrow keys in a weird position on a laptop, or a numpad, doing the same but at least it feels good on your hand but still not the shoulder, eventually. point is, now you dont have to click or tap any of those arrow keys. because from just having the top account open, or your favorite account open, you can read email in all of them, as if you were right there.

i haven't checked if the chrome subsystem will allow this, but it should. if it doesnt, this hack wont work. if it does, this is going to be freaking cool.

okay, next update on this when it works or has required an intriguing iteration, but otherwise back to work! #passing-design-thoughts

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